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Not Just about Events Everybody loves Fall...and what’s not to love? The Summer's buzz continues to wind down, yet the beauty of the mountains enhanced by the colors of the Aspens and the great weather make it a special time of year. While September seems to be the month of ongoing events, October is about getting out and playing. The Aspen Saturday Markets end the second week of October and is the culmination of its season which started in May and attracted many to enjoy the produce, art, music and vision of so many unique people. While the gondolas are still summiting many visitors to enjoy the foliage and views there are equal amounts of people hiking the UTE, Sunnyside, Hunter Creek and of course Smugglers. There's still plenty of mountain biking on Snowmass, Cozyline, Skyline and many other trails not to be missed - including the newly opened 7 Star Trail connecting to the Rim Trail; and the new Glassier Trail just opened in Basalt off of the Rio Grande. Aspen Recreation brings many new faces to town with their annual Hockey Mountain High Men’s hockey tournament. A lot of spirit, stories and good business for the local watering holes. As weather starts to turn make sure that bucket list continues to fill as it won’t be long now 'till the snow flies and we have traded bikes for boards and trail. Just not enough time in a day to enjoy all that there is to do here.

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