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Saturday marked the opening days for Buttermilk and Aspen Highlands to complete the foursome, allowing all 4 of Aspen’s unique mountains to be open.

What better way to kick off opening day at Buttermilk than with Chocolate? That's why it was Chocolate Day. They truly do think of everything to please the visitor. Upon arrival you are always greeted by friendly hosts...but this day...plentiful chocolate muffins and hot beverages. After a few hours of skiing and riding Buttermilk’s great conditions (with a shout-out to the fantastic job of the snowmakers and groomers) the day has a fitting end with the most extreme chocolate fountain and more mixings than one could care to count for prime dipping action. And just when you think you are on chocolate overload, as you head out the door a warm fire pit awaits with the “Make your Own S-mores” cart waiting aside the "Hot Chocolate Bar"…no dinner for me tonight!

Aspen Highlands kicked of the weekend with ample amounts of new snow -- and then some, a USASA snowboard race and great conditions…but while Saturday was good, Sunday was even better! First tracks were amazing and powder could be found throughout the day and a little after 12-noon the ropes were dropped into Temerity lift making for amazing powder skiing throughout the area. Mushroom, Lucky Charm, Kiss Me were just a few prime spots but with all the hooting and hollering going on there was clearly enough snow for everyone everywhere.

Oh the squealing sounds from happy skiers have begun....A great weekend and we are JUST getting started!

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