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The saxy sounds of Aspen come out at night...more...

Jas Cafe started off with an amazing night! What's the best way to lead up to Christmas in Aspen? (besides skiing, shopping, dining and so much more!) ...Joining old friends and making new ones amongst some of the greatest jazz musicians! It doesn't get much better unless you also add into the mix great food and beverages from the Aspen Cooking School (which we did) -- our venue and host for that fine evening. On a snowy pre-Christmas night the flavorful vocalist Jamie Davis along with his saxophone and trumpet accompaniment made for an enjoyable evening with a mixed combo of Nat "King" Cole Christmas classics, some swinging jazz and some soulful blues...enough to get all finger-snapping and lending a rythmic clapping & foot-stomping beat. This was just the first event for the winter season ahead, so if you want to enjoy some of the finest jazz anywhere in a small intimate setting, then check out this winter's schedule at and get your soul on!

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