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Spring Gulch delivers....more....

With the recent weeks' snowfall the conditions have improved dramatically and that does not only mean for Aspen and its 4 areas. Cross Country skiers can also rejoice especially down valley as Spring Gulch in Carbondale offers its best conditions of the season across their 21 kilometer (13.3 miles) trail system. While Spring Gulch is not on the beaten path, a short ride (6 miles) from Carbondale will bring you to a very special place on Crystal River Ranch to enjoy the cross country ski experience whether you are a first timer or an Olympian. Spring Gulch's trail system was designed by skiers who know the business and regularly groom the network of trails to perfection. Local skiers often call it "The Diamond in the Rough". There are no 'services' at Spring Gulch so don't expect a fancy base area or dining spot - so bring your lunch and beverages. There is a rest room (port-a-potty) and there are no rentals but plenty of places you can rent nearby in Carbondale or Basalt and lessons are offered if you sign up in advance. No dogs are allowed but the wildlife you will see on the trails will more than make up for it whether it be elk, deer or even the occasional bald eagle. To arrive at Spring Gulch, once in Carbondale at the intersection of Main St. and Highway 133 (now a roundabout), turn or stay west on the road that bisects City Market and the 7-11 gas station. Stay on this road (County Rd. 108) for about six miles. The Trail System is located at the end of this road. For more information visit

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