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Slope, Soak and the Sunny 700...more...

Here in the Roaring Fork Valley we are fortunate to have one of the greatest recreational mecca’s in the country. Clearly with Aspen Snowmass being the World Class resort that it is with so many offerings year round that it is difficult to look beyond it. Yet just a little further down valley there are an abundance of recreational opportunities as well. 50 years ago Sunlight Mountain in Glenwood Springs was developed, not to keep up with Aspen or Vail but simply to offer an outstanding alpine experience to local families at a very affordable price. Sunlight with over 680 acres of terrain for all abilities continues to grow after 50 years in many ways while still providing that local appeal and reaching visitors who want to take advantage of their many offerings and outstanding conditions. Sunlight Mountain located in Glenwood Springs has forged partnerships with numerous local attractions to create the likes of a “Slope and Soak” package where after a day of skiing you can visit Iron Mountain Hot Springs for a relaxing soak. With a number of Brew Pubs, restaurants and hotel options in the area there is no lack of activity or things to do after a fun day on the slopes. While Sunlight Mountain offers one of the most reasonable lift ticket prices in the state of Colorado they also offer the most expensive ticket in Colorado…Well actually while this special lift ticket called the “Sunny 700” might cost you $700 it not only includes your daily lift ticket but also a custom made pair of skis from Colorado ski manufacturer Meier Skis. You also get a day pass to soak at nearby Iron Mountain Hot Springs…such a deal with a day on the slopes and some of the finest skis to be found for you to own. While Sunlight’s winter season ends in early April, they are just then beginning to gear up for a full summer of events and activities with over 16 miles of amazing mountain bike trails, horseback riding, disc golf, nearby whitewater rafting along with a number of festivals and events. For all the latest conditions, updates and events visit

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