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Summer Ahead

The lifts have stopped turning, the on-mountain parties have ended (for now), the town is eerily quiet but yet still so peaceful and beautiful - perhaps even more so. Many restaurants are closed till Memorial Day but the ones open are enjoying the local vibe of regulars before they head out of town or get into summer mode.

Still plenty of skiing and riding above 8,500 feet where the snow is good so get ready to hike. The snow out on Richmond Ridge was still amazing for a good hike over the weekend!

Before we know it Memorial Day weekend will be here and the energy of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley will return. Preparation will escalate for Food and Wine in June, The Gondolas at Ajax and Snowmass will start to spin, bike trails will open, farmers markets will showcase their produce and local flavors, trail running will become an everyday occurrence, The Aspen Cycling Club will have races every Wednesday, Jas Aspen and the many Music Festivals and Theatre groups will be well attended and the Rivers will swell to Rafters and fishermen alike not to mention stand up paddleboards floating through the North Star preserve.

Many locals say ” I came for the winter but stayed for the summer” and we know why. The valley has so much to offer in so many ways and is a testament to why so many people call this beautiful valley “our home”.

As we enjoy summer let’s welcome our growing number of visitors and let them know and feel what we feel every day.

To new friends and new adventures…Enjoy!

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