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What a Summer!

What a Summer !

Having lived on the east coast by the Ocean most of our lives we were always curious as to how we would adapt to summers in Colorado…not a problem!

With skiing into June – that was quite a Summer Kickoff. We’ll admit – this Summer did include a trip back east for our daughter to visit some friends, play hockey at no altitude and a stop on Martha’s Vineyard to get our fill of freshly caught seafood for the year…but we were also happy to get back home; and equally ok with having to play hockey at altitude once again.

The CO Summer included a month of Theatre Aspen for our daughter and plenty of trail running for the wife and I and Aspen Cycling Club races May to August for my wife. Maddie our Golden was quite spoiled with daily off-leash hikes and excursions. We enjoyed a few floats down still water, art gallery visits, and even a few side-trips to Redstone to explore the eclectic collection of artisans and shops…and why not some ice cream by the river!

While it felt like summer lasted forever with all the outdoor play and extended daylight, we still even had time to squeeze in a trip to check out the Pacific Coast Highway, see old friends and have our daughter experience some of California’s iconic parts and places – yes, including LA! Then back to CO to partake in the last phases of Summer in Aspen – which included some of its highlights – an amazing weekend at JAS Aspen over Labor Day, The Golden Leaf Half Marathon, Hockey Mountain High Tournament and Sara to ride in Lance’s “FIFTY”.

Warm days and cool nights! A special place we’ve adapted to quite well.

#jasaspen #snowmass

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