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Let it Snow!

Walk into any local coffee shop, ski shop, bar, hockey locker room around Aspen and the topic will be, “When will it snow?”

The East has seen its share, Jackson Hole and The Tetons have seen some pretty good snowfall as well as Mammoth in Cali and upwards North in Montana…however in Colorado we wait!

No doubt here in Colorado we have been blessed with bluebird skies and some cold nights to thankfully allow for snowmaking and build some good manmade product but we anxiously wait for “the dump” to really get things started.

So as we wait and hope, here are some proven and not so proven theories to help us get some “Snow Karma” going.

  1. Flush an ice cube down the toilet once per day

  2. Place a white crayon in the freezer, once frozen plant it in the yard

  3. Wear your Pajamas inside out and backwards

  4. Place a frozen spoon under your pillow when you sleep

  5. Light a fire and burn your old and broken skis in a sacrifice to the Norse God of Snow, Ullr

  6. Leave an ice cube on every window sill (outside) of your house or Apt.

  7. Hug a Snowmaker…without them you have nothing

As they say – patience is a virtue, it will come but in the meantime support the rules above and support POW “Protect our Winters”

#snow #aspen

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