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Wishes Granted

it seems like practically 1 out of every 4 vehicles in Aspen and the valley has a bike rack attached to it. Biking has become huge in the valley whether it is a social ride on the Rio Grade, a climb to Maroon Lake or Ashcroft or riding at Snowmass’ ever growing thrill park.

Every Wednesday in the summer Aspen Cycling Club hosts a race alternating weekly between road and mountain. The high schools have embraced their mountain biking teams with local riders faring well in the state championships.

Roaring Fork Cycling has created programs for kids to learn and embrace the sport providing an activity for life. And Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association, in conjunction with Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers and others in the Valley has been building and maintaining amazing trails throughout the Valley to enjoy riding for years to come.

Lance Armstrong and other current and former racers have made Aspen and the Valley their homes - clearly for quality of life - including the amazing biking.

While all of that is cool, nothing struck home more than hearing that through an organization called “Wish for Wheels”, recently free bikes were offered to the entire 2nd Grade at Basalt Elementary School. The Wish for Wheels organization's mission is to change the life of a second grader in a Title 1 elementary school. To qualify as a Title 1 school, 40 percent or more of the students in a school must qualify for reduced or free lunches. This was the case with Basalt Elementary and Glenwood Springs last year. Wish for Wheels looks to do the same for Crystal River Elementary in Carbondale.

So as you see more bikes throughout the Valley and our kids being active and embracing this healthy lifestyle,

think of “Wish for Wheels” and what they provide. For more info go to

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